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Lines of Empathy

I am really pleased to be included in this great project 'Lines of Empathy' devised and developed by Giulia Ricci, there is a book available with illustrated interviews by the16 artists included. The project will first be shown at the Patrick Heide Gallery, London in Feb 2023.


Linear Expression

I am excited to be included in 'Linear Expression' an exhibition of artwork at the wonderful Gallery 57 in Arundel, West Sussex.

2nd April to 25 June

The artists included are:
Toni Davey, Richard Howell, Sophie Arup, Judith Alder, Christina Fedyk, Jane Perryman, Jacky Oliver, Michele Bianco, Oliver Chalk, Anna Thompson, Deborah Harwood, Jennifer Amon, Uta K Becker


My 'Folded Drawing' is on the flyer for:

‘Tracks and Traces’ is a virtual exhibition selected and curated by Air Gallery and can be viewed HERE.

As a member of ‘Fold’ Artist collective – artists working in rural environments, I am working on ‘Foldlines’ a project due to be exhibited at Bleddfa Arts Centre in 2022. We share an interest in mapping the landscape we live and work in and are underway with a project based around meeting at sites decided upon by particular ‘fold lines’ on a map.

Kate Morgan-Clare www.katemorganclare.co.uk

Instagram @katemorganclare

Jackie Morris www.jhmorris.com

Instagram @jacquelinehmorris

At the beginning of 2021 I began an ongoing collaboration project with Rebecca Bramwell – ‘Drawing Place’

Rebecca Bramwell www.rebeccabramwell.co.uk

Instagram @rebecca_bramwell